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How to Make Money With YouTube Videos
Basically you just upload videos to YouTube. I don’t mean you take funny cat videos and upload them, although that would be awesome. No. Actual companies will pay you to post videos that they have already created.

If that sounds far-fetched just think about the money that early bloggers made doing the exact same thing with text instead of videos. Those bloggers made tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and the companies they blogged for made millions. It was a win-win. But like all great things, once it caught on the market became saturated.

Just see what the US Small Business Administration has to say about profiting online!

Why Now?
I am writing this on Saturday June 8, 2013 and I imagine this way to make money off YouTube will also become saturated – but not for at least a year or so. Right now the competition is the lightest it will ever be and now’s the time to get on-board.

Why Me?
So why should a company pay you to do something they can do themselves? Because even if they had a dozen fulltime employees doing it, that’s still just a handful of videos a day. I mean, how many times can one profile on YouTube post the same thing or even a variation and be taken seriously?

Isn’t it a lot smarter for that same company to hire a freelancer like you to post a handful of different videos? And then another freelancer. And then another? Of course it is! And there are thousands and thousands of companies who desperately need your talents right this very second.

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